ORTLIEB products which are returned to our customer service for a repair job or a quality check-up must be clean in order for us to guarantee an optimal repair job. For dirty products we will charge a service fee of € 5.

Advice: Modifications regarding upgrades of mounting systems may result in greases on the bag’s back.

General questions topic repair

The Velcro of my old Back-Rollers comes off. What can I do?

Early model Back-Roller panniers that use a Velcro system to secure the roll closure may be upgraded to the current strap and buckle closure system using part number E186. To request this hardware update for your pannier, please contact our Product Service team for further details.

My ORTLIEB products has holes and abrasions in the fabric.

Our In-House repair team can repair most holes or tears in product material for a repair fee of $25 per hour plus shipping. To submit a repair request and receive a quote, please contact our Product Service team via email for further details.

Can I repair holes in my bag myself, e.g. during a trip with a bicycle repair set?

DIY waterproof patching kits may be used on ORTLIEB products. For expedient field repairs we recommend the Gear Aid Tenacious Tape or similar repair patches applied to the inner surface of the fabric. For a permanent repair, we recommend contacting our Product Service team to submit a repair request.

My bag starts fringing. Is this normal or is this a material default?

Depending on the material this can be normal with some products. You may cut off the fringes with a pair of scissors.

Questions topic waterproof

What is the meaning of IP specifications regarding waterproof and dustproof standards? Where can I get more information?

DIP specifications are based on standard tests defining the dustproof and waterproof levels. Further information on the different standards can be found here.

I would like to renew the water repellency of my Bike-Packer Plus. What products can I use for impregnating your materials?

ORTLIEB products are not impregnated. A permanent waterproof lamination of the material ensures that your bag is waterproof.

Questions topic waterproof zippers and sealing lip closures

What is the difference between the various waterproof zippers, the one with visible teeth (e.g. Trunk-Bag) and the one with a closed off synthetic profile (e.g. Big-Zip) ?

The Trunk-Bags’s zip (teeth visible) is made from extremely high-strength fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane. The extra strong plastic teeth are fixed on the top and bottom of the zipper tape. The zipper’s coupling elements keep the sealing edges tightly sealed together when the zipper is closed. This zipper may be lubricated from time to time at its docking end for easier opening and closing. The Big-Zip’s zip (no teeth visible when closed) is made from an extremely strong plastic coil zipper on a high strength fabric. Each coil half is safely embedded and secured in a plastic profile. When the zip is closed, the sealing lips above and below the coil are compressed making a perfect seal. For easy operation this zip must be lubricated from time to time from docking end along the entire length. Therefore, a lubricant on silicon basis and instructions for care are included.

The waterproof TIZIP zipper of my bag is hard to move. How can I make it run smoother?

Due to technical reasons we cannot lubricate zippers during our production. Some products include a lubricant ideal for TIZIP products. After applying this lubricant the TIZIP is easy to move without sacrificing waterproofness (note instructions of care). This lubricant is also available as accessory in specialized retails stores (art. Code E134).

My backpack Cor13 was supplied without the lucbricant. How can I get it?

The lubricant is available with your ORTLIEB dealer, it has the article code E134. It is a silicone grease for lubricating TIZIP zippers, making them open and close easier. The Cor13 is equipped with a zipper version that requires lubrication at the docking end only (also called “harbor”), not the zipper teeth themselves, therefore lubrication is not included and is required only from time to time. You may also use Vaseline or lip balm. Please remove excessive grease in order to avoid stains on clothing, gear etc.

Should products with sealing lip also be lubricated from time to time with silicone grease?

Products with sealing lip (Quick-Seal-Closure) will be easier to operate if the closure is lubricated from time to time with silicone grease (see instructions for care). Please remove excessive grease in order to avoid stains on clothing, gear etc.

Questions topic bicycle panniers

Rear and front panniers with QL mounting system

How many kilos/lbs may I load into my pannier with QL system?

Maximum admissible load per bag i.e. per side of the rack is 9 kg/ 19.8 lbs. However, the admissible load of the rack is to be noted. This information is normally indicated directly on the rack. The admissible load of rack may differs. The limit must not be exceeded. We recommend checking the weight of packed panniers prior to cycling by means of scales, and if necessary, to reduce the load. This applies both to rear racks and front rack or lowriders that are mounted to the front fork of the bicycle. Please note that the use of panniers may influence the riding properties of the bicycle.

Can the anti-theft device be installed into a pannier with QL1 system?

Unfortunately, no. The anti-theft device can only be used in panniers with QL2 or QL2.1 system.

Can QL1, QL2 and QL2.1 panniers be mounted to a rack with the QL3/QL3.1 system being attached?

Yes, this is possible. Panniers with QL1, QL2 and QL2.1 system can be mounted directly into the QL3/QL3.1 rails.

My panniers Back-Roller cannot be combined with the Rack-Pack. The buckles are not compatible.

The gradual change of our products to optimized buckles may result in different versions on your Back-Rollers and Rack-Pack. In this case you will need an adapter buckle in order connect your Back-Rollers with your Rack-Pack, i.e. connect the old buckle with the new buckle or vice versa (article code E135 and E186).

How do I remove the lower fixing buckles of the pannier carrying system out of the pannier’s edge protector?

Due to design features the buckles must be safely inserted and fixed inside the edge protector, therefore, removing them /pulling them out requires a lot of power.

I cannot adjust the lower mounting hook of my pannier, I cannot loosen the hook.

UThe hook’s position can be changed by opening it up by means of a coin.

The adapter plate of my Travel-Bikers bends, the suitcase does not lock inside the adapter.

This can be solved by mounting additional plastic blocks which are available free of charge from our customer service.

The rack of my bicycle is so wide that it allows mounting the Travel-Biker adapter, however, not the mounting bars for panniers.

We offer a broader mounting bar (width 185 mm/ 7.2 in.) for particularly wide racks (article code E199).

Can the Rack-Lock adapter be mounted onto conical (non-parallel) rack tubes?

No, mounting is only possible on parallel racks with a width between 60-160mm / 2.4-6.29 in.

The diameter of my rack tubes in more than 16mm or oval shaped, may panniers do not fit.

We offer over-sized top-hooks for the QL2/2.1 mounting system, which will fit size 18mm (part number E211) or 20mm rack tubing (part number E193). An over-sized 16mm lower anchoring hook is available as well (part number E110). Please note: Our top hooks are engineered to fit round tubing. Racks with oval or square shaped tubing will not provide an ideal fit.

I have older panniers with the rigid mounting hooks. Can I have my panniers upgraded to the QL1 or QL2 system?

Yes, you can. However, the different spacings of screws result in different holes that need to be closed by means of welding after demounting the old hooks and prior to boring holes for the QL1/QL2 system. This upgrade requires that you return your bags to our customer service. Contact them for more details please.

I would like to upgrade my old bag with the QL3.1 system. Is this possible.

No, due to technical reasons this is impossible.

Is it possible to change my QL1 or QL2 bags to the QL2.1, 3 or 3.1. system?

Yes, it is possible to update a QL1 pannier to the QL2.1 mounting system, but this is an involved upgrade. Due to the different spacings of the hardware, all the old QL1 mounting holes will need to be welded closed and new anchoring holes for the QL2.1 system will need to be perforated in the pannier fabric and stiffener sheet. This system update can only be made by our In-House repair team. Please contact our Product Service team to submit a mounting system update request and receive a quote. All QL2.1 top hooks are reverse compatible, and may be installed on a QL2 load rail. QL3 or QL3.1 systems have elements that are welded in to the product at the time of manufacturing and may not be retrofitted.

Question topic other bicycle bag

Can Seatpost-Bag be used on carbon seat posts?

No, the Seatpost-Bag may not be mounted to seatposts made of carbon; the seatpost may be damaged.

Handlebar bags

Can I mount my Ultimate handlebar bag to a carbon (fiber) handle bar?

No, the mounting may damage the handlebar. We do not recommend handlebar bags on carbon bars for safety reasons.

My e-bike has a Bosch Nyon display. How can I mount an ORTLIEB handlebar bag?

Here you will find the instructions on how you can mount a handlebar bag from us despite very wide Nyon display.

Which ORTLIEB handlebar bag fits to which mounting?

See here the handlebar chart.

Why should I use the mounting cable for my handlebar bag only once?

Ortlieb handlebar bags are designed such that the mounting is compatible with a number of different stems, handlebars and combinations thereof; a single cable version can be used for attaching Ortlieb handlebar bags to varying diameters and shapes of bars or stems. Clamp screws and cable are designed such that the cable can be fixed at any desired position ensuring that the handle bar bag remains securely mounted also in extreme conditions. In case your handle bar bag mounting had to be taken off, it is necessary to install a new mounting cable (available as accessory). Similar as with self-securing nuts, the previous mounting cable must not be used again, as the individual braids of the wire cable were squeezed by the clamp screws and the cable might have been damaged.

I have a VOR handlebar by Syntace. Can I mount an Ultimate handlebar to it?

Yes, you can. However, the stem cannot be adjusted any more after mounting the handlebar. Mounting is only possible if you do not want to adjust your handlebar.

I have an E-bike display, how can I still mount my handlebar bag?

We offer an adapter for mounting our Ultimate6 mounting set (article code F1451).

I have an older Ultimate mounting set on my handlebar and an E-Bike display. I cannot mount the adapter for mounting the Ultimate6 mounting set (article code F1451).

You may use the broader Klickfix mounting for E-bikes by Rixen & Kaul instead of the Ultimate mounting. ORTLIEB handlebar bags and baskets are compatible with Rixen & Kaul. ORTLIEB offers such a mounting (article code E207).

Questions topic water transport

May I use my ORTLIEB waterbag for transporting gasoline?

No, the waterbags are only suitable for transporting and storing water.

May I fill in boiling water into my waterbag?

No, the water temperature must not exceed 60°C/140°F. Caution: risk of burns!

May I fill hot water into my folding bowl?

Caution: risk of burns! The material withstands high temperatures. For washing up the temperature should not exceed 45°C/113°F.

How can I clean and disinfect my waterbag inside?

For cleaning we recommend standard artificial dentures or water disinfection tablets available in outdoor shops.

Questions topic product care

How do I clean my pannier?

We recommend using a solvent free biodegradable soap and the pressure from a garden hose to clean Ortlieb products. You may use a soft plastic bristle brush to scrub stubborn grime of the outer surface. Then air dry the item with it propped open to prevent moisture from being trapped inside of the item. DO NOT: Wash your product in a washing machine; Dry your product in a clothes dryer; Use harsh or citrus based de-greasing solvents; Expose the product to heat to speed up drying time.

How do I clean my Urban Product?

The fabric used in our “Urban” products has a more natural woven exterior surface. This fabric may hold dirt or grime more than other textiles we use. First, remove heavy soil or grit with a soft, dry bush. Do not scrub hard as this may alter the appearance of the fabric. Next use a “Gall” based, or other mild bio-degradable soap for removing greasy stains. DO NOT: Wash your product in a washing machine; Dry your product in a clothes dryer; Use harsh or citrus based de-greasing solvents; Expose the product to heat to speed up drying time.

May I use a waterresistant marker for writing on my map case?

Yes, you may.

The buckle on my Ortlieb product broke. Which replacement buckle do I use?

The E187 repair buckle is used when replacing a male buckle that is attached to a loop of webbing that is sewn closed at both ends (i.e. Back-Roller City). The E215 replacement buckle is used when replacing a male buckle that is attached to an adjustable length of webbing (i.e. Back-Roller Classic cinching strap). For assistance with purchasing a new buckle for your Ortlieb product, please email a photo of your product and the damaged buckle to our Product Service team.

What size Torx driver does my pannier’s hardware use?

The anchoring hardware on your pannier is a T15 interface. (NOTE: There is a slot or provision to use a small flat head screwdriver in an emergency)