Sustainability; long lasting quality, eco-friendly transportation, protection of resources and recycling. It also defines the sustainability of our products and the reliable service by us, the manufacturer. ORTLIEB products are said to be indestructible and extremely long lasting. Should there still be damage or wear of a component, ORTLIEB products can be easily repaired due to the design of the article. Defective parts can easily be exchanged, holes can be repaired, buckles exchanged and straps renewed. These jobs are performed by our own customer service where ORTLIEB products are completely refitted for intensive heavy duty use. Older products can be updated onsite to the current version. Furthermore, we offer repair sets that allow you to make repairs on the road. For discontinued products we offer spare parts for another 10 years to come. And at last: with 5 years warranty we ensure you that defective manufacturing or materials are corrected by us, free of charge.

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