• 100% Waterproof

    Whether you’re commuting in the rain, bikepacking in the muddy forest or on a really big adventure, the reliable waterproof feature of our backpacks, bike and travel bags ensures that your equipment stays dry, ALWAYS! How? Well, instead of sewing, we weld the seams together through an innovative process. This gives us an IP protection rating of up to IP67. 

  • Durable and Repairable

    The ORTLIEB pannier has always enjoyed the reputation of being indestructible among cyclists. And we are proud of that. That is why we give you a five-year warrantee for all our bags, whether it's a bike bag, a backpack, a hiking bag or a trekking backpack. If something should break, even after years of use, we'll be happy to repair your ORTLIEB product for you. Of course, we also offer many spare parts for at-home repairs. This is our commitment to sustainability through longevity.

  • Made in Germany

    Our roots are in Middle Franconia, where Hartmut Ortlieb constructed his very first bicycle bag, and production continues here today. All ORTLIEB bags are produced in Heilsbronn, in a fair, sustainable and resource-saving manner. We really are made in Germany, and we pay close attention to our CO2 footprint and optimize our distribution routes accordingly. Every waterproof bike bag and hiking backpack from ORTLIEB is a piece of sustainability in action. 


  • ORTLIEB athletes - Overcoming boundaries together

    The ORTLIEB bags are very popular with adventurers, ultra cyclists and extreme athletes. Regardless of whether it is a bikepacking race or a human-powered circumnavigation of the world: we are the reliable partner when absolute waterproofness is not a luxury, but essential. We are proud to be able to equip athletes who use our bags for their greatest adventures.

  • Does this pannier fit my luggage rack? How do I put together the perfect bikepacking set-up? Check in with your local specialist dealer for the best ORTLIEB advice.