First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

A careless step, an underestimated situation or just not paying attention for a moment and it happens. Good if you don't need it, but even better if you have it with you. We're talking about the first aid kit that you should bring with you on every tour - safe is safe.

No matter if you are planning a short hike or a crossing of the Alps by bike. The waterproof ORTLIEB First Aid-Kits are available in two versions with suitable equipment for your leisure activities.


The removable inner pocket keeps all dressing materials neatly arranged and gives you quick access to everything you need. All First Aid-Kits can be attached to a bag, belt or bicycle saddle with a strap plate. Thanks to the waterproof fabric, you can also easily attach them to the outside of your luggage and have them ready to hand if you need them.

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