Offering plenty of space for the basics, like your wallet, keys, smartphone, note pad and snacks, this 2.7-liter handlebar bag is just the right size when you’re riding across town for a meeting and don’t need to take much with you. But it’s also an excellent addition to an ensemble of classic bike panniers such as the Back-Roller and Sport-Roller in the ORTLIEB Free-Line of bike bags.

In addition to being extremely light and compatible with virtually all handlebars, the Ultimate Six is outfitted with a flap that you can quickly open or close with one hand and a shoulder strap that you can attach to your Ultimate Six Compact Free to convert it into a shoulder bag once you reach your destination and prepare to set off on foot.


+ 4 different handlebar mounting sets available
+ flat adapter plate
+ form-stable bag body
+ maximum payload: 5 kg

Color black - beige
material pd62, ps60
datasheet Download
weight 340 g | 12 oz
height 20 cm | 7.9 inch
depth 8 cm | 3.1 inch
Lower Width 14 cm | 5.5 inch
Upper Width 17 cm | 6.7 inch