Add a splash of color to your daily routine. The Up-Town Design is your buoyant companion when it comes to transporting a gift from point A to point B, picking up a package at the post office or safely stowing your sunglasses and hat.

The basket is also eager to ride in your shopping cart and help you complete your weekly grocery shopping. Attached securely to your handlebars, the basket transports your purchases to your home. And once at home, the comfortable handle will help you to carry everything to your kitchen. The basket’s ample 17.5-liter volume allows you to fill it with up to 5 kg of all kinds of stuff. With a sense for theLightness of being, the Up-Town Design will also be happy to accompany you to you to the swimming pool, the park, or the next garden party.

Everything you entrust to it remains ideally protected by its polyurethane-coated, waterproof nylon fabric and waterproof stretch cover – no matter what the weather. The Up-Town Design accompanies you through thick and thin, through summer and winter, faithfully simplifying all of your bike-based transport tasks.


  • 4 Different handlebar mounting sets available
  • Comfortable, adjustable handle- flat adapter plate
  • Basket cover designed for quick access- form-stable aluminum frame
  • Reflector made of 3M Scotchlite reflective material
  • Zippered inside pocket- tip-resistant quadrapod design
  • Maximum payload: 5 kg
Color black - beige
material ps33
bag type single
datasheet Download
360° View 360° View
weight 790 g | 27.9 oz
height 28 cm | 11 inch
depth 22 cm | 8.7 inch
volume 17.5 l | 1068 cu inch
Lower Width 33 cm | 13 inch
Upper Width 38 cm | 15 inch