General questions topic repair The Velcro of my old Back-Rollers comes off. What can I do? Early model Back-Roller panniers that use a Velcro system to secure the roll closure may be upgraded to the current strap and buckle closure system using part number E186. To request this hardware update for your pannier, please contact our Product Service team for further details. My ORTLIEB products has holes and abrasions in the fabric. Our In-House repair team can repair most holes or tears in product material for a repair fee of $25 per hour plus shipping. To submit a repair request and receive a quote, please contact our Product Service team via email for further details. Can I repair holes in my bag myself, e.g. during a trip with a bicycle repair set? DIY waterproof patching kits may be used on ORTLIEB products. For expedient field repairs we recommend the Gear Aid Tenacious Tape or similar repair patches applied to the inner surface of the fabric. For a permanent repair, we recommend contacting our Product Service team to submit a repair request. My bag starts fringing. Is this normal or is this a material default? Depending on the material this can be normal with some products. You may cut off the fringes with a pair of scissors.

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