ORTLIEB offers a 5-year limited, non-transferable, warranty on all new products purchased through an authorized ORTLIEB retailer against manufacture defect.

Bags acquired second-hand, or via unauthorized 3rd Party retailers (such as eBay or Amazon) are not eligible for warranty coverage through ORTLIEB CANADA.

ORTLIEB CANADA accepts no liability for any claims relating to normal wear and tear, improper product use, failure to follow assembly or mounting instructions, product modifications, or improper storage. The warranty does not cover material abrasion, holes, tears, cuts, or other damages that occur as a result of an external variable or event (i.e. bicycle accident).

ORTLIEB CANADA does not assume responsibility for the cost of shipping an item to ORTLIEB CANADA for assessment, or replacement. That cost is the responsibility of the consumer.

Please contact info@ortlieb.ca to submit a warranty inquiry. If your product is replaced, the date of the original purchase shall still apply as the reference date for the 5-year warranty period.